Xbox 360 Games Getting New Xbox One Packaging is Exciting

xbox one backwards compatibility

I make no apologies for my love of Xbox’s backwards compatibility programme. Frankly, it’s awesome, and even if you don’t use it every day it’s wonderful to know that you can go back and play those old games if you want.

Microsoft are frequently updating the list of games that are available via the programme, now with over 200 – and it just got a bit better. Thanks to a report on Eurogamer, it seems that physical Xbox 360 games are getting repackaged into the slimmer, smaller Xbox One packaging.

I’m not quite sure why, but I’m very excited about this.


Perhaps it’s because I’m a little big OCD and like everything to be equal and neat, but whatever the reason, it’s good news and shows that Microsoft are fully committed in continuing to support the backwards compatibility programme.

Spotted out in the wild by Reddit user divangreedy8, here’s Fallout 3, first in the original Platinum 360 box, and next to it the brand new Xbox One style packaging:


While I can’t imagine that every backwards compatible game will get reprinted and repackaged this way, it’s likely that the most popular games will be – and considering the prices of used backwards-compatible games have rocketed in price since being added to the programme (Red Dead Redemption being a key example), making them more widely available should help keep prices fair, too.

Nice work, Microsoft. Now just make Beautiful Katamari and Bully backwards compatible and we’ll all be happy bunnies.