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10 LEGO Dimensions Sets to Buy This Christmas

LEGO Dimensions might have had a bit of a slow start last year thanks to its rather expensive RRP – £90 for the starter kit was a bit steep at the side of other toys-to-life games – but thankfully you can now pick it up much cheaper. If you already have it you’ll know that it’s actually worth the asking price too, thanks to the masses of content available from the get-go and the absolute mountains of expansions available to buy.

Whatever your flavour, there’s a LEGO Dimensions set to suit. Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Mission: Impossible, The A Team; even bloody E.T. is getting in on the action. LEGO, Warner Bros. and Traveller’s Tales show no signs of slowing down either, with new series of fun packs, team packs, level and story sets rolling out every couple months like clockwork. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the last two waves, and there’s some seriously killer content in there. From its beginnings last November, to the latest wave (7) to just hit the shops, here’s our pick of 10 of the best LEGO Dimensions sets to add to your collection, in no particular order.

1. Harry Potter Team Pack


You might think that the Fun Packs or Team Packs aren’t as good value as the Level Packs because, well, they don’t include a new level – but that’s not strictly true. Sure, they may not add a new story level to play through, but every single pack gives you access to that specific franchise’s world. So buy the Harry Potter Team Pack, and playing as either Harry or Voldemort will allow you access to the Harry Potter hub world.

In fact, the hub worlds are probably my favourite part of LEGO Dimensions. Much like the more recent LEGO games, they contain open world style missions, hidden collectibles to find, and a whole load of cool locations to explore. Perhaps its just because I’m a huge Potter fan, but the Harry Potter world is my favourite of them all – so far, anyway. From Hogwarts to Diagon Alley, and even the Chamber of Secrets and Grimmauld Place, pretty much every location has been carefully recreated in digital Lego. There’s several hours worth of content just in the hub world, and of course you’re also free to use the minifigs and their vehicles – the flying car and Hogwarts Express – in any other level too.

2. Ghostbusters Stay Puft Fun Pack


This is on the list for one very good reason: the Stay Puft minifigure is absolutely amazing. He’s quite rare too, and so getting this fun pack is the easiest – and cheapest – way to get hold of him if you’re simply a LEGO fan. But the Fun Pack also gives you access to the Ghostbusters hub world, which is dark, eerie, and a lot of fun. Like most of the hub worlds, you’ll need to use other characters’ abilities to be able to unlock everything, but there’s a massive amount you can do with just the base characters, and of course, Stay Puft himself.

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