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Battlefield 1’s first expansion gets new details

Battlefield 1’s first expansion, ‘They Shall Not Pass’, is set to release March 2017. Along with new maps, weapons and equipment, it will also feature something that was mysteriously missing from the base game; the French Army.

The expansion, like all four set to release over the course of 2017, will feature four entirely new maps. They Shall Not Pass sets out to recreate such infamous battles as the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Soissons. The maps themselves will range from “charred landscapes, muddy trenches and close-quarter enviroments.”

Dice begin with a time in Verdun that became known as the Devil’s Anvil: “Around 1 million shells were fired in the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun. This created massive forest fires around the fortified city and the battlefields surrounding it. The initial fighting around Verdun quickly transformed villages like Samogneux and entire forests into shadows of their former self.”

Close-quarters combat is fully explored within the garrison of Fort Gaux, “The French fought a tough battle for every inch in the dark in these underground corridors. Down here in the maze of dark galleries the French and Germans fought ferociously with grenades, flamethrowers, and poison gasses.”

More confined fighting spaces will also be present in the trenches and underground tunnels that became common within the Battle of Verdun due to “some 40 million artillery shells were fired over the course of the battle at Verdun, pulverizing the ground, turning the earth into a shattered lunar landscape.”

Finally, the Battle of Soisson gives the larger French tank assaults a showing: “The fighting revolves around key bridges over the Aisne River and something big lurks around the village of Fismes.”

Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass expansion will be available sometime next March and include access to new weapons, maps and the French forces. The Russian army is expected down the line.

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