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Civilization 6 gets big update and new Poland DLC

It’s a big day for Civilization 6 fans. Releasing today is the ‘Winter Update’ along with a new civilization, Poland, and a new scenario DLC pack.

First up, the Winter Update, which rolls out to all players does exactly what you would expect. There has been a few updates to general gameplay, some changes to balancing and the AI has been tweaked – though its still not great. Along with a large batch of bug fixes there is also a couple new, small, features. You can see the full list of details here.

More importantly, is the two new DLC packs. One includes a new scenario just for the Vikings where you attempt to take over Europe playing as either Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden. As usual, new city-states and natural wonders are also included.

The first real expansion to Civilization 6 however, comes in the form of Poland. The first new civilization added to the game and ruled by Jadwiga – the very first female Monarch of Poland ruling in the 14th century. Poland was one of the most powerful civ’s in Civilization 5 and it seems they will reign strong once again. Yes, Winged Hussars and the dreaded culture bomb are back.


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