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Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Looks Stunning on PSVR, But Can You Stomach It?

Sony’s PSVR headset has been out for a while now, and although it undoubtedly provides thoroughly immersive experiences, some will have been a little disappointing with the visuals on offer.

The graphical magicians at Crytek however, have made sure that their first offering for the format does not disappoint in the visuals department one bit. In fact, Robinson: The Journey is PSVR’s best looking title yet, and with PS4 Pro support it stands toe-to-toe with the best available on competing VR headsets too.

A first-person exploration game with a healthy serving of puzzles, Robinson: The Journey has you wandering and climbing around luscious environments full of flora and fauna. Wherever you go, your surroundings are exquisitely crafted; full of colour and dripping with detail, inhabited by creatures that go about their business in a realistic manner. It’s so mesmerisingly beautiful that it’s all too easy to get side-tracked, staring slack-jawed at everything around you. That’s not to say that taking your time is an issue though; Robinson: The Journey is the type of game that allows you to move at your own pace, in fact, we’d go as far as to say that it wants you progress as slowly as possible, observing every intricacy of its lifeforms that have been lovingly created. Of particular note are its dinosaurs. From pesky Pterodactyls to hulking Brachiosaurs, each and every one of them is a joy to encounter.


Accompanying you on your laid back journey as an advisor of sorts is HIGS, a floating spherical robot who is always there to offer you support and point you in the right direction. You also have a pet called Laika, a baby T-Rex who loves to play and is quite receptive to commands. Together, and with the use of a multi-purpose scanning device, you’ll have to overcome many problems and obstacles as you explore, restoring power to constructs and gaining access to new areas. We’ve not encountered anything too taxing on the brain cells, but sometimes scouring environments for an object that you need to complete a task can be a little tedious. On the whole though, Robinson: The Journey’s gameplay is enjoyably varied and comfortably intuitive.

There is, however, one issue that has really put a downer on our time with Robinson: The Journey and prevented us from seeing it through to the end. It causes us to feel sick more than any other PSVR title after 20 minutes or so of play. We’ve tried all the available movement options which are supposed to help, but no matter how we approach it we’re quickly left feeling cold, sweaty and queasy. Time and time again we’ve revisited it, hoping that somehow this time it wouldn’t afflict us, but after the fourth or fifth bout of feeling unwell we just had to give up. It’s a shame, because Robinson: The Journey is genuinely a treat otherwise.


If you think you’re made of stronger stuff than us, then we recommend that you give Robinson: The Journey a try. Featuring sublime graphics, a wonderfully created world and laid-back gameplay, it’s one of PSVR’s most impressive releases to date which definitely makes it worthy of your attention. Just hope, that unlike us, you can make it to the end without losing the contents of your stomach.

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