Free Game Friday: Blocky XMAS

Not only is Friday a day to celebrate the oncoming weekend, get a takeaway and go out for a couple of bevvies with your friends and family, for us here at GameSpew it’s time for #FreeGameFriday. That’s right Spewers; it’s the best day of the week.

We’re coming up on Christmas really fast so I thought a game that a bit of Christmas spirit to it would be appropriate for this week. We’re taking a look at Blocky XMAS, a fun browser game that you can find on Blocky XMAS is a interesting puzzle game where you control a magnetic block with a star on it. Each level you have to get your star to a specific place in the level, which may sound easy but there’s many obstacles trying to keep you from getting there.

Not only do you have to bring your block, but a lot of the time you have to bring another block with you. What this means is you have to connect your block to a bigger block and get it to the goal in order to finish the level. Blocky XMAS makes this difficult as you have to be positioned in a perfect spot to do so, along with having to manoeuvre around other stationary blocks. It’s a lot tougher than it sounds, and will definitely having you scratching your head at times.



What made Blocky XMAS so addicting was that it gets very difficult pretty quickly but it didn’t make me want to give up because most of the puzzles had a very simple solution. It felt like one of those games that you would be smacking your head about later for not thinking up the solution to it sooner.

The rest of what I loved about Blocky XMAS was its Christmas theme. At the end of each level you high-five a Santa wearing sunglasses in order to move on, and if you need a hint a reindeer with a moustache shows you what to do to continue. The music for the game is also a modern take on a few different Christmas tunes that will have you bobbing your head while you’re trying to figure out how the heck to solve the puzzle on level 6.

That’s it for this week’s Free Game Friday. Blocky XMAS is a really fun puzzle game that feels very appropriate to play this time of year as we’re getting closer to the holidays. Don’t forget to let us know how you like it in the comments below or on Twitter using #FreeGameFriday, we love hearing from you! Here’s to a great weekend everyone and Happy Holidays!

Play Blocky XMAS for free here