GameSpew’s Game of the Year 2016

6. Titanfall 2

“If Respawn had simply doubled-down and released the multiplayer for Titanfall 2 as it exists now, I would still easily recommend it. They’ve tweaked the existing formula in deeply satisfying ways that extend the life of the game immensely. However, by adding a truly surprising and impeccably designed single-player campaign that is consistently fun to play, as a package Titanfall 2 is the most pure, minute-to-minute fun I’ve had with any game this year.” – Sean Mesler, Titanfall 2 Review (10/10)


7. Inside

“Any questions I had regarding why it took nearly six years for Playdead to release a follow up to 2010’s Limbo melted away as I was consumed with the polish on display with InsideInside is a visually stunning, thought provoking, nigh impeccably designed game that offers anyone willing to experience it a truly clever and original experience that takes familiar concepts and almost literally turns them on their head. Instantly captivating with deceptively deep yet simple mechanics that offer quite a bit of variety, it’s a testament to Playdead’s talents that they are able to not only continue to surprise but keep the entire thing fresh throughout.” – Sean Mesler, Inside Review (9/10)

8. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is definitely a better game than its predecessor in nearly every way. It doesn’t feel like a leap ahead many have come to expect from Ubisoft sequels going all the way back to Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryRainbow Six VegasAssassin’s Creed 2 and Far Cry 3, but instead it’s a very good game that taps some of its potential. Overall, any negatives are minor and far outweighed by the sheer amount of fun that can be had in this vibrant and exciting world.” – Sean Mesler, Watch Dogs 2 Review (8/10)

9. Ratchet and Clank

“In the modern adulterated world of videogames, it’s nice to still find pleasure in titles like Ratchet & Clank. Though it’s obviously aimed at the younger audience, even seasoned gamers that are into more mature titles would have to have a heart of stone to not find something to enjoy here. It doesn’t do anything ground-breaking to progress the genre, but then it doesn’t need to. All Ratchet & Clank needs to do to succeed is provide a bright and colourful world in which players can embark on an enjoyable rollercoaster ride of action and adventure. In this endeavour, Insomniac Games more than step up to the challenge, making this accomplished reimagining one of the highlights of the PS4’s catalogue.” – David Brooks, Ratchet & Clank Review (9/10)

10. Dishonored 2

“Whether you choose to play as a violent maniac or not though, there’s a great beauty and consistency to Dishonored 2’s world that enables you get absorbed in it so easily. The city of Karnaca, where most of the action takes place, is host to more varied locales than Dunwall, all of which are awash with greater detail and colour. Character models are pleasing to the eyes, though perhaps a little blurry at times, retaining the unique art style of the first game which makes them somewhat comically larger than life. And there’s a real solidness to the visuals too, with few jagged edges and graphical glitches rearing their ugly head to destroy your immersion in the world. ” – Rich, Dishonored 2 Review (8/10)

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