Get Neverwinter Nights for free as the GOG Winter Sale begins

We got around two whole days before the Christmas sales began after just finishing up Black Friday. A little silly? Yes, but it does mean we can get more games for cheaper – or even free!

The PC-centric and DRM-free store, GOG, has just began its Winter Sale – which ends December 11 – and, to celebrate, is giving away a free copy of Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition. The special edition comes with the base game along with both main expansions, Shadow of Undrentide and the rather wonderful Hordes of the Underdark.

Based off, what is now, a much older Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, Third Edition, Neverwinter Nights also came with modding tools and has a rather large modding community – and still has to this day. So, if you do somehow complete the mass of content avilable here, GOG compiled a handy little guide of some of the best mods available.


To claim your free copy of a classic RPG, or to just pick up a bunch of great, DRM-free games head on over to GOG.

And remember! If you aren’t a PC player, Playstation 4’s 12 Deals of Christmas offering’s just began today. For all your other gaming needs, Steam is beginning its Christmas sale on December 22.