Overcooked’s Two DLCs Are a Good Bite of Fun

I’ve played so many games this year that I’ve surely lost count. That being said, I’ve still got a few games that have stood out to me that I’ve enjoyed playing so much this year and Overcooked, the exciting multiplayer cooking simulator from Ghost Town Games and Team 17 is definitely up high on my list of memorable games.

When I heard that they had released a DLC for the game entitled The Lost Morsel, I immediately got my hands on it and beat all the levels as quickly as possible. Then, as if that hadn’t been enough of a blessing, they released The Festive Seasoning, a Christmas DLC with even more levels I couldn’t have been happier. Here’s what to expect from Overcooked’s two DLCs, so get your utensils ready!

The Lost Morsel is a $4.99 DLC which adds six new levels to the game where you must cook all sorts of food in a jungle-like setting. Set off in your new fancy helicopter and enjoy the crazy multiplayer cooking action with up to three of your friends once again. The onion king of course recommends finishing the main campaign first, as do I, so that you know what the heck you’re doing when you start this hilariously fun DLC. As well as the six new levels, The Lost Morsel also adds six new chefs into the fray including a dinosaur, robot, and panda bear. Another way to purchase The Lost Morsel is in the new “Gourmet Edition” of the game which boosts up the price a bit, but includes The Lost Morsel with it. I highly recommend picking up The Lost Morsel if you enjoyed the main campaign as it truly adds challenge and hilarity to an already fantastic game.


Appropriately The Festive Seasoning adds snow-adorned kitchens into the fray as you make your way through eight new Christmas levels in this free add-on to the game. The Festive Season was added only a few weeks ago just in time to add some Christmas spirit to the game where players are able to ride around in a snowmobile surrounded by frost covered trees. Not only are there eight new levels, The Festive Seasoning adds two new recipes to the ever-growing list – stew and turkey dinner. In order to make a stew you have to chop up all of the ingredients, up to four, and it can include meat, carrots, potatoes and onions. Talk about delicious! The turkey dinner includes, you guessed it, a cooked turkey as well as the possible carrots and potatoes. But cooking the turkey dinner isn’t as simple as it seems because The Festive Season has added a new tool, the flamethrower: as if cooking in Overcooked’s kitchen’s wasn’t dangerous enough. Using the flamethrower, players must roast their turkeys and vegetables to perfection before serving it up to their customers, who happen to be penguins. I hope the two new available chefs, a reindeer and a snowman, are ready to take on this new kitchen tool.

Ghost Town Games hasn’t disappointed with these two wonderful DLCs. The Lost Morsel will have you and your friends wishing you were in the Bahamas rather than whatever hell jungle you’re cooking in. The Festive Seasoning will have you and you friends cursing the heavens that you stole the flamethrower before they could get to it. Pick up Overcooked and it’s DLC for an awesome, hectic multiplayer experience.