Overwatch Recieves “Winter Wonderland” Holiday Update

Listen up, Overwatch players!

It’s time to snuggle up in your sweaters and fuzzy socks, turn on the Michael Buble Christmas album that you dust off once a year, and throw some wood into the fireplace because Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched their new holiday patch for this cold winter season called “Winter Wonderland”. The following is a little glance at what you can expect from this new patch.

The most important question on players’ minds is probably what you can expect to find inside of your loot boxes. Well, just like with the Halloween patch a couple of months back, players will be excited to hear that inside of their loot boxes, appropriately wrapped up like presents, you’ll find brand new skins, emotes, and highlight intros for their beloved Overwatch heroes. Over 100 new cosmetics are available in the patch and players definitely won’t be disappointed. Some of the best unlockable skins include Torbjorn dressed as Santa, Roadhog as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and my personal favourite, Zenyatta dressed as a nutcracker. The winter emote that everyone is talking about it Zarya’s where a variety things happen when she opens up a Christmas present like crushing a toy robot with her bare hands or hugging a stuffed bear until its head pops off.



Along with all of the new cosmetics to look forward to unlocking throughout the rest of the month players will also notice that two of the original maps in the game have been hit by Jack Frost himself and suddenly look much more wintry. The two maps are King’s Row and Hanamura where you will see anything from Christmas trees to lights and presents all over the maps. Also be sure to look over for a few cheeky snowmen hiding around corners making funny faces and such. There’s lots of fun new things to see in the two familiar maps.

Perhaps the best part of the Winter Wonderland update is the new game mode, “Mei’s Snowball Defensive”. This new arcade game is a 6v6 where everyone plays as Mei. Each person has one snowball loaded into their blaster at the beginning of each round. Once you shoot your ball you’re out and have to run and try to find a good pile of snow to reload your snow bullet. The snow piles will be all over the map but so will your opponents so you have to be quite careful. In this game mode you don’t have your familiar left and right clicks of your blaster but thankfully you still have access to your walls and your ice block in order to try and think faster than your opponent. It’s first to three wins in this fantastic game mode that will  be sure to have players completely addicted or rage quitting within the first few days.

That’s everything you can expect from this expansion. Blizzard Entertainment has always been known for their great holiday events and Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland definitely doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t already simply open up your battle.net and update Overwatch to get started with some jingling and ring ting tingling too until January 2nd when the event ends and Happy Holidays!