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Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games of 2016

It was a great year to be a PS4 owner. Besides the litany of third party games, this year also saw the release of Naughty Dog’s first proper PS4 release, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but it also saw the release of the much-awaited The Last Guardian. That it turned out to be a good game was nothing short of amazing and helped put a nice exclamation point on a good year of gaming available on PS4.

This year in gaming has been impressive. Unlike recent years, there didn’t seem to be any one game that everyone agreed on was far and away the best. This says to me that there was a lot of quality games and a lot of things for people to really connect with. Let’s get to the list of my favourite PS4 games from 2016!

10. Final Fantasy XV

I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since the original on the NES. The series has had its ups and downs, but, having skipped over Final Fantasy XIII, it had been a really long time since I’ve played a new Final Fantasy game. 10 years, to be exact. Final Fantasy XII was the last one I played and it so happens, loved.

The only reason why Final Fantasy XV isn’t higher on my list is because I’ve honestly not had enough time to get deeper into it. Well, I’ve had time; I’ve been playing for over 12 hours, but I’m only on chapter 3 because I’ve been enjoying doing all of the side quests and I keep getting more! This is a huge game I can see myself playing well into early next year for sure, but I’ve played enough to know it deserves a spot on my list this year.

9. Far Cry Primal

Despite being a huge fan of the Far Cry series, I have to admit I wasn’t all that excited for Far Cry Primal. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to play it or wasn’t interested, but rather I viewed this as a spinoff that felt more like glorified DLC. I couldn’t have been more wrong. As a fully fleshed out game with scores of variety in weapons and gameplay, Far Cry Primal shows just how well the Far Cry formula can translate to other time periods and environments.

The story didn’t really register much, and even now I can only recall bits and pieces of it, but I remember very well that I had a blast playing it. A highlight for me was running up on a group of enemies who had some of my people captured, sliding on the ground, raising my bow and taking out three enemies at once with triple arrows, then charging at the remaining enemies and chaining takedowns and throwing my knife at the last enemy. If you’ve been waiting on playing this game, don’t. It’s really, really good.

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