Less Than Half of Xbox One Owners Actually Make Use of One of its Best Features – Do You?

Well, you never would have guessed, would you, that nearly half of all Xbox One owners have used their consoles to play a dirty old Xbox 360 title? Amazing, isn’t it? Well, not really.

Rolled out in June 2015, the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program has become one of my favourite features of the console, bolstering its huge catalogue of quality games. In fact, it’s given Xbox One gamers access to over 300 Xbox 360 titles, including the likes of Lost Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta, and even the Mass Effect Trilogy. And what’s more, in most cases, they also not only look better, but play better too.

The graphics are a bit cleaner, the framerates perhaps a bit smoother. Load times are often reduced. You get to make use of the Xbox One’s inherent features whilst playing too if they really float your boat, such as taking screenshots. Even better though, is that if you already own any Xbox 360 games that are compatible, either digitally or on disc, you don’t have to spend another penny to play them. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, PS4 owners.



The fact that less than 50 percent of Xbox One owners have actually made use of the capability then really surprises me. How many Xbox One owners have a Gold subscription? Do they not want to make use of the two Xbox 360 games that they get free every month that are usually top notch?  Do Xbox One owners in general not want to play the likes of Burnout Paradise or Portal 2 without having to set up their smelly old last-gen consoles? Just what is wrong with them?

If you own an Xbox One and are one of the 50-odd percent that hasn’t made use of the backwards compatibility feature, don’t be a douche and give it a try. I’m sure you’ve not already played though all the Xbox 360 games that are compatible, and chances are, many will give you better experience than a game designed specifically for the console. Crazy, huh?