Super Mario Run Launches Today

Super Mario Run, the first time that Nintendo have fully established themselves in the mobile gaming market, is available on iOS from today.

Although Nintendo have a stake in Niantic, the developers behind the Pokémon Go craze from earlier this year, Super Mario Run marks the first complete entry into handheld, smartphone-based gaming with Nintendo at the helm.

The game includes the first appearance of the famous plumber in a mobile game (not counting DS releases, of course). It makes sense for Nintendo to use Mario, being essentially the companies flagship character and will resonate most with consumers when purchasing the app.

The game is free to download, although it only provides access to two levels. There’s a £7.99 purchase fee for anyone who wants to unlock the whole experience. Nintendo have promised that it will be a one-purchase-unlocks-all type of transaction, however.

The £7.99 fee will unlock all of the game modes in Super Mario Run including:

  • World Tour
  • Toad Rally
  • Kingdom Builder

Some users on social media were voicing their slight frustrations that the game took so long to become available to purchase. Other concerns for players have been that the app is online-only, forcing consumers to use data or WiFi when available.

Super Mario Run releases today on iOS devices. It will be available on Android sometime in 2017.