Super Mario Run Reaches 50 Million Downloads in a Week

In case you missed it, Nintendo made history last week by releasing Super Mario on a format that isn’t Nintendo. Unfortunately, he’s not available on  your PlayStation or Xbox (yet – I’m still holding out hope), but if you have an iPhone you can download Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s foray into the endless runner market.

Chances are though, if you’ve got an iPhone you’ve probably already downloaded it: this afternoon, Nintendo have tweeted to celebrate 50 million downloads of Super Mario Run since its launch on 16th December.


It’s a crazy amount – but it’s not at all surprising, given the popularity of the plump red plumber. Hopefully this success of a Nintendo franchise outside the reigns of their own consoles will show them just what potential their games do have on other platforms.

Super Mario Run is free to download, but will cost £7.99 to unlock all levels.