Top Tips for Those Just Getting Started with Steep

Ubisoft’s Steep is a beautiful game, but your first few hours with it can be a bit iffy as you try to get to grips with how it all works. Hopefully we can help by providing you with some handy tips for getting started.

Some may increase your performance, others could enable you to streamline your experience, one or two are just novelties, but they’re all things that possibly might heighten your enjoyment of the game. So sit back and cast your eyes over our Top Tips for Those Just Getting Started with Steep.

It’s Not SSX

Whilst it can be crazy and light-hearted at times, Steep leans more towards realism in terms of gameplay. Accept that you can’t throw your character around like you would in a more arcadey sports game like SSX and you’ll begin to appreciate the challenge Steep presents you with much quicker.

Build Up Your Trick Multiplier

When snowboarding or skiing, pulling off big tricks is risky, just like in real life. It makes sense then, to make them really worth your while by building up your score multiplier before doing them. Make use of clear straights whenever you can to do small flips and spins before reaching the big jumps, in many events it can make all the difference between a bronze and gold award.


Manage Your G-Force

It’s never really explained in-game, but as a skier or snowboarder, g-force is your biggest enemy. Always be mindful of it when travelling over rough ground and bumps, and when performing tricks and jumps, try to land in clear areas sloping away from you. If you do begin to accumulate some g-force, indicated by a meter to the left hand side of your character, try to normalise it by taking things steadier for a short while.

Use the Mountain Map View to Undo Mistakes

Another one for the skiers and snowboarders out there. Whilst making a mistake in a race or points-based competition can only be remedied by restarting, remember when taking on objective-based missions that you can often go back to the mountain view and resume from anywhere on the path you’ve just travelled. It’s handy for when you miss a jump you’re required to make, or take a wrong turn that prevents you reaching a point of interest – there’s no need to re-tread your steps unnecessarily.

Choose the Best Sport for the Job

Whilst paragliding and wingsuiting each have their own specific events, ground-based events can generally be completed by either skiing or snowboarding. Choose whichever sport is best for the task at hand as each has their own nuances. Or just use the one you enjoy the most.

Place Flags to Aid Navigation

If you haven’t noticed, by pressing in the right stick you can place beacons of light, which the game calls flags, both in the mountain view screen and when playing. Make use of them to highlight areas of interest in the open world that you want to navigate to, such as locked drop-off points. Just remember to get rid of them once they’ve served their purpose, otherwise they’ll just end up confusing you.


Grab Your Freebies from the Ubisoft Club

Are you a member of the Ubisoft Club? If not, it pays to become one. There are quite a few freebies available for Steep to get you started, including credits and some items of clothing. They don’t really affect your performance or anything, but hey, free stuff.

Make Use of the Helicopter Drop-Offs

If none of the pre-set drop-off points are floating your boat, remember you can get dropped off anywhere you want via the helicopter. Whilst it costs you tickets which have to be bought with credits, you can get 10 for free via the Ubisoft Club. Oh, and once you reach level 25 you unlock unlimited use of the helicopter, letting you get dropped off wherever you want all the time for free.

Remember You Have Feet

It can be easy to forget at times, what with it being a game about snowboarding and wingsuiting etc., but remember that in Steep you also have the use of the two things called feet. Whether you’re out exploring or making progress in a mission, sometimes it pays to put your equipment away and go for a nice leisurely stroll. Or in my case, climb some ways back up the mountain on a regular basis.

Pace Yourself

In races, it’s not always beneficial to go hell for leather: you need to keep your speed in check and look for the most efficient lines. It’s faster to have a clean run than it is to go full power and risk running into obstacles or losing control.


You Can Throw Yourself to the Ground if You Want to

Did you know that by pressing up on the d-pad you can throw yourself to the ground? It doesn’t serve much practical use, but it is just funny to do from time to time.

You Can Switch to First Person during Events

Fancy getting closer to the hair-raising action? Simply Press L1 or the left bumper to get a GoPro head mounted view of the action.

Have Fun!

The main thing to remember in Steep is to simply have fun. You don’t need to do all the events unless you’re hell-bent on getting all the achievements or trophies. Take your time and enjoy yourself on the slopes doing what you want to do. It’s the best way to play and is what Steep was made for.