1997 Classic ‘Constructor’ Coming to Nintendo Switch Alongside PC, PS4 and Xbox One

MS-DOS classic Constructor is getting a new lease of life in the form of a HD remaster.

Developed by System 3, Constructor HD tasks the player with the management and operation of a somewhat underhanded construction company. Building houses provides the player with rent money whilst different businesses give the ability to produce various items and resources. Multiple construction companies can play on the same map, meaning you’ll need to come up with inventive strategies to defeat your rivals. These strategies come in the form of “undesirables”. From thugs to hippies, these special units are used to sabotage and hinder the progress of other players through nefarious means.

On release, Constructor was heaped in critical praise for its humour, memorable characters and fun gameplay. How these elements will hold up after 20 years still remains to be seen. Although the original game is a personal favourite of mine, I feel it’ll take more than a lick of paint in the form of a HD remaster to keep this game’s appeal relevant. The game itself, whilst being fun and quirky, wasn’t particularly deep in terms of mechanics. We’ll have to wait and see what new features (if any) System 3 pack into the remaster.

After its release in 1997, Constructor was later rereleased on Windows, Mac OS, Playstation and later on PSP and PS3 as a PS1 classic.

Although originally scheduled to be a launch day title for Nintendo Switch, Constructor HD will now launch on the Switch on 28th April, whilst the PC, PS4 and Xbox One will see it release on 31st January 2017.