Abstract horror JRPG Omori gets eerie new trailer

Whether you have heard of Japanese artist Omocat’s work or not, the new trailer for OMORI – on which he serves as director, writer and illustrator – shows it off perfectly.

Beginning as an innocent, everyday RPGmaker game, Omori quickly reveals itself to be much more than it lets on. You, as the titular character, travels between two worlds with similarities, differences and everything in between. Describing itself as a “surreal psychological horror” the game was successfully kickstarted back in June 2014.

The trailer itself is worth watching until the end to (at least try) and get the full grasp of what exactly is going on in this unsettling adventure – as well as for the marvelous piano soundtrack. Omori is still a ways off however; lacking a release date but those interested will be glad to know the team often post updates over on their website.