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Amazon Already Has 85 Reviews for Nintendo Switch

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It’s not out until March, but 85 people have already left a ‘review’ for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon.

Are they all lucky people who have managed to get Nintendo’s coveted next console early? Probably not. Are they merely shysters and wannabe comedians who think it’s funny to review something that nobody has even laid eyes on yet? More likely.

Either way, looking through Amazon UK’s reviews for the Nintendo Switch is good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Burak S. gives the yet-to-be-released console a 5-star review because he’s certain it’s going to be “a really good stuff”.

That-one-guy, Daniel, Alex and ‘Amazon Customer’ are also wasting no time in dropping the coveted five stars on the Nintendo Switch, but they’re all much more succinct with their words.

It makes Dan’s butthole tingle, Peter is breathless and Adam S. is in love, apparently.

And then come the time travellers. These people have taken time out of their busy futuristic lives to travel back to 2016 in order to leave a review for a console that’s now old news in their own timeline. We can only take their word for it.

Even Bill Gates has his hands on a time machine (not surprised) to tell us not to bother. Although interfering with the space/time continuum seems to have had some negative effects as he isn’t quite sure whether he’s for or against Xbox…

On the other side of the spectrum, however, Rab T, GolGo 13 and anonymous ‘Amazon Customer’ are already certain of their impending disappointment.

My favourite review has to be Aaron’s, however. Here’s a guy who knows what the world needs. 

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