ASCII Dungeon Crawler Brut@l Coming to PC in February

With Brut@l’s rather synonymous art-style it’s amazing it took this long to arrive on PC. The roguelike, created in the style of old ASCII games, originally released on Playstation 4 last August.

Making its way to Steam on February 9, the dungeon crawler is sure to attract some attention for its art, difficulty and general fun. We reviewed the game back during release and found that “Brut@l takes the old-school inspirations, and blends it with new art styles, and creates a vibrant world of exploration and discovery.”

Matt did however find that Stormcloud, while creating a strong experience, struggled to keep the game’s longevity. He found a lack of individual skill tree’s for seperate characters, simple combat and limited item diversity created a game that “may not constantly beckon you back, but when you do dive in you’ll find it is one of the better dungeon crawlers out there right now”.


Brut@l will be available on Steam from February 9. The title is currently available on PS4 for £11.99.