Call of Duty’s new era teased by Sledgehammer

As always, we know little information on the new Call of Duty but we do know there will be one – and we know Sledgehammer Games is developing. However, Sledgehammer, who previously developed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, may have just teased the next era of COD through a cryptic tweet.

This may sound a little silly but it’s worth remembering that the latest title in the series, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, was teased in the exact same way by developer Infinity Ward. The short video shows an analogue clock slowly ticking over to 2017 before a implicative church bell rings. The bell itself sounds very reminiscent of church bells all around Europe – particularly evocative of either World Wars.

It wouldn’t be all too surprising for Call of Duty to take a step back into the past after the recent public movement in first-person shooters away from futuristic styles – Battlefield 1, anyone?

Sledgehammer also place focus on calling 2017, “the zodiac year of the hammer”. 2017 is, in fact, the zodiac year of the rooster, not hammer. It could just be an in-joke with the developer’s own name and their development of this year’s title or something more. It could be a nod towards World War 2’s “Operation Sledgehammer” as Allied forces moved to create a second front to assist the Soviet Army – whose flag is well-known by a sickle and hammer.