What Can Indie Game Developers Gain From Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

The game industry is hugely competitive and dominated by powerhouses such as EA, Konami, Rockstar Games, and Naughty Dog. With these companies putting out multimillion-selling releases like GTA V and FIFA 17 on a regular basis, it is already tough for indie game developers to get a look in.

But aside from this huge obstacle, there is a more pressing concern: raising the finances to gain an initial foothold in this cutthroat industry.

With Bitcoin prices soaring in 2016, now could be the ideal time for smaller game companies to start using the e-currency. A lot of investors are now looking to tie their money up in Bitcoin start-ups.  This is partly due to the fact that the currency is gradually on the rise, but also because it is safer in current climates where other currencies are fluctuating due to external factors such as the US Presidential election. Additionally, using the cryptocurrency could serve to garner more media attention around the company as publishers like Cryptocoins News and CoinDesk look to report on the growth of Bitcoin wherever possible.

The online casino industry is a prime example of a sector that has been dominated by developers like Microgaming and Playtech for years. Now that Bitcoin casinos are on the rise, smaller developers are seeking to gear their games to this currency and have specialist sites such as VegasCasino.io house their games, with titles such as Hot Safari, Thunder Bird, and Great 88. These games can only be played with Bitcoin, so slots fans who want to experience every game will have to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon if they want to play – if you want to see what it’s all about, click here to play online btc slots and get involved.

Many developers and businesses believe that bitcoin will be the only way we pay for things online in the times ahead. Seeing as nearly all game genres now have online elements, companies which start using bitcoin now would be wisely preparing for this future.

Along with bitcoin, there are other related in-game currencies like HYPER cropping up. HYPER is a cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, with a heavy focus on MMORPGs where people can pay for items such as character upgrades. It currently sponsors Troll Song, an indie title developed by Dave Seaman, Jim Spanos, and Andrea Ferrera, and the first game ever to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency.

The people behind HYPER hope to establish a network of games that use the currency, allowing players to earn, spend, and win credits in a variety of ways. This will ideally attract more developers to the network and help to increase the popularity and reputation of the payment method.

Perhaps the main advantage of moving towards Bitcoin is because it encourages a global online society. When dealing with singular currencies, gamers from certain countries may be alienated because they don’t want to suffer from bad exchange rates when changing their own currency to play the online game. Indie developers should invest now while Bitcoin is still in its early stages and has a niche and novelty aspect working for it.