Classic FM Getting a Video Game Music Show Hosted by Jessica Curry

If you live in the UK you’ll have undoubtedly heard of the Classic FM radio station. With a focus towards classical music, the station also prides itself on being the first “to broadcast a weekly national radio programme dedicated to film music,” over fourteen years ago.

Now, they look to be delving into the wonderful world of video game music – well, for six weeks anyway. From April 22 until May 27, the station will host one hour dedicated to game music every Saturday at 9pm. The show will be hosted by The Chinese Room composer, Jessica Curry, known for her work on Dear Esther and the magical Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture soundtrack.

While it’s a shame the series won’t be ongoing, getting game music out to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear it – even for just a short time – is an achievement itself – and something Jessica Curry has been striving for lately. With the amazing wealth of tracks to choose from, even just from last year, it will certainly be a treat.