Dark Souls III’s Second DLC, ‘The Ringed City’, Releasing March 28th

Prepare to die, again. And again.

FromSoftware’s latest DLC for Dark Souls III‘The Ringed City’, is due for launch on March 28th.

It’s expected to be the final Souls expansion, and going by the trailer, it does seem to be drawing the enigmatic franchise to a close. Exciting new area? Check. Shattered landscape? Check. Impending sense of doom? Check. New weapons, armour and abilities? Check. Sinewy, molten dragon creature that bellows a perilous screech? You bet.


Right at the end of the teaser there’s also a graphic displaying a new Dark Souls III: ‘The Fire Fades Edition’ to be released both physically and digitally on the 20th April. They’re limited edition versions of the game that contain both DLCs, the official soundtrack, a map and official guide – all housed in a swanky box (or not, if you went the digital route). We’re guessing they’ll be hitting Western shores as well, so dried fingers crossed!