The Gaming Trends of 2017

The gaming industry is always experiencing periods of flux, and with new technologies come the promise of new trends.

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for gamers, with a lot of games and devices slated for release. Join us as we have a look at what you can get excited for this year.

Virtual reality games

We’ve started to see very tentative steps towards virtual reality, but the industry just isn’t really there yet. Throughout 2016, we’ve seen the release of different headsets and gear that you can use for VR. Some of these are more affordable than others and as a result the pubic have been snapping them up.

While not everyone can afford an Oculus Rift, more people are leaning towards the likes of the HTC Vive or Playstation VR. To go along with this increased userbase, we’re likely to see more games with a variety of themes. The biggest AAA title that we’ll see in 2017 is Resident Evil VR, but this is a title that could be a hit or a miss depending on how the developers do.

The horror genre has also been gaining in popularity recently, with titles like Until Dawn changing our perception. These aren’t the usual jump scares that we’re accustomed to; instead it’s a more psychological scare tailored specifically to the user. Add in a bit of virtual reality and you’re in for a real fright.

Mobile gaming

At this point, talking about mobile gaming seems like we’re flogging a dead horse – but it is just as important as ever. The user is now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a game to play on mobile, but 2017 is the year to see this technology break away from being just the little sister of console gaming.

We’re already seeing some games that use mobile to their best advantage, instead of trying to chase the experience that you get on a console. Innovative experiences like Sara is Missing are set to be released this year and we can’t wait.

Online gaming trends

A large portion of the online gaming market is now taken up by gambling games, which offer the user the chance to win money while playing. Bingo sites and casino sites are always early adopters of new technology as it helps them to win more users against their competition.

These sites take on new mobile technology and even payment methods in an effort to stay ahead of the crowd. These bingo gaming sites in 2017 could do almost anything, like implementing blockchain, going wearable or using virtual or augmented reality. As far as new online gaming sites in 2017 are concerned, the possibilities are endless thanks to the advent of new technologies.

Retro or futuristic?

While some games companies are focusing on futuristic graphics, others are taking a step back into the retro world. 8-bit games like Stardew Valley are taking the world by storm and they are much more cost effective to make. This shows that users aren’t always necessarily concerned with the graphics if the quality of the game stands up to the competition.

Users seem bored by the constant console warfare to bring the biggest AAA titles, like Call of Duty. Instead, they want unique games that offer something of value, rather than a cookie cutter game. Even the Mini NES did much better than expected for a console playing games that are years old now.

Upcoming consoles

Nintendo are leading the pack with the hottest console of the year, as their new Switch console has ignited the interest of their fans. This looks to be a really innovative console that will put the fun back in gaming.

Their latest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, is set to be available on launch, and will likely be the game that sells the system. Although Breath of the Wild is also releasing on Wii U at the same time, we undoubtedly want to immerse ourselves into the brand new Zelda world with the best console possible.

All in all, 2017 seems to be the big year of comebacks, with old and new tech mingling together. We’re sure there will be a few surprises in there but can’t wait for a year of good gaming.