Grab Dirt Showdown for Free Before it Probably Disappears Forever

The Humble Store is giving another PC copy of a Codemasters racing game out for free. In the past few months, F1 2013, Race Driver: Grid and Dirt 3 have all been handed out, for free, to any who claimed a copy – some days later they then disappeared from store’s.

The likely cause has been the expiration of various car or music licenses present in each game. Presumably, as a sign of good-will, Codemasters are then handing out a copy of the game to everyone before it becomes impossible to buy. Next up on the chopping block seems to be 2012’s arcade racer, DiRT: Showdown.

The deal lasts until later tomorrow and, while a little arcade-y for some, the game itself isn’t too bad – so why not? It’s one of the much more mad games in the series, focusing much more on destruction, mayhem and plain-out fun. Also, for the time, it has an absolutely brilliant damage-mechanic for each vehicle.


Grab your PC copy of Dirt: Showdown here.