Horizon Zero Dawn Will Have No Microtransactions

Yes, we have reached the point where this is considered news – and good news at that. Guerilla Games’ upcoming, full-price, AAA, Horizon Zero Dawn will have no microtransactions of any kind.

Guerilla confirmed the move on their Twitter account today. In fact, we’re still in the dark about how much DLC the title is going to receive at all – barring some pre-order bonuses in the collector’s edition. So far, no season pass is available and no future DLC or expansion plans have been announced – it’s all feeling very last generation.

And it is, undoubtedly, a good thing. Sure, it’s practically inevitable that Horizon will get some form of DLC at some point but I wouldn’t be aghast to say it will be a genuine expansion – rather than, say, crates to unlock colourful skins for your robot-dino friends.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch later this year, 28 February in North America and 1 March elsewhere, for Playstation 4.