Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Trailer Shows There’s Much More Than Just Mechanical Beasts

From the developers behind the Killzone franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be released on 28th February 2017. It’s been a highly anticipated title since its E3 reveal and continues to look promising with an all-new “story” trailer.

While the trailer recycles some footage we’ve seen before, it also begins to show us just how vast and diverse the world of Horizon Zero Dawn actually is.

In previous features, we have seen a great emphasis on the mechanical creatures that dominate these lands, but not the people living among them. In this trailer we start to get a flavour of what’s on offer. There is a glimpse of a far grander city called ‘Miridia’ that looks to be a landmark for a rather significant skirmish, and we get a more in-depth look of the antagonists, a tribe of masked men who are conjuring ancient machines that appear to indoctrinate the local “wildlife.”


Much still remains a mystery, as it should, but needless to say, Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be a promising start for 2017 titles. The distinct art design of the mechanicals contrasts beautifully in this world of nature and the combination of tribal aesthetics and futuristic technologies (including a hologram it now seems) is something a little more different from what we are used to.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on 28th February 2017 on PlayStation 4.

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