Mass Effect 2 is free on PC right now

The best Mass Effect game – and one of the best games ever – is available for free right now. PC players can head over to EA’s Origin client and download the 2010 title straight away as part of their ‘On the House’ deal.

With the best story, characters and interactions – as well as a satisfying ending and no Mako sections – Mass Effect 2 is considered, by most, to be the series’ peak. Unfortunately, the deal does not come with any of the title’s DLC which is locked behind an annoying and outdated ‘Bioware Points’ system.

The freebie is just in time for the release of this year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, the newest game in the series and beginning of a new saga. Over the previous few days, we have had a slew of new information on upcoming title – including a release date and new trailer.