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The Sims 4 Finally Has Toddlers

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It’s only taken two and a half years, but finally, The Sims 4 has toddlers.

When The Sims 4 launched back in September 2014, people were pretty disappointed. No swimming pools; no toddler life stages; and generally lacking many features of previous iterations. Through various updates since, many of those features have been reinstated, but one has remained elusive: the toddler life stage.

Until this week, your baby sims would go from being newborns straight to be annoying precocious pre-teens. Where’s the fun in that? What happened to the mischievous wee tots who’d toddle around as they discovered the world around them? Well, they’re back. Yay!

Toddlers can be assigned one of eight traits: Angelic, Fussy, Silly, Charmer, Independent, Wild, Clingy, and Inquisitive. If you’re creating one in create-a-sim, you can fully customise them, with all the skin choices (including alien – and I imagine vampire, if you get the latest expansion) that are available to adults.

New toddler-related items have been added too, including toys, beds, potties, high chairs, wall patterns, lights and floor designs.

Non-toddler related things have also been fixed and updated in the latest Sims 4 patch, including now being able to build walls along all four edges of penthouse lots, a crash bug fixed when playing the medical career or hiring a nanny, and, apparently, children can no longer want to practice pick-up lines.

See the full (and pretty entertaining) patch notes here.

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