Sony Has Sold 53.4 million Units of the PS4 Globally

It seems that Sony had a better Christmas than some of us. It’s been reported that the holidays boosted the sales of the PS4 even further.

Sales of the console globally have now reached figures of 53.4 million units, with 6.2 million of those units being sold over the holiday period. The PS4 was launched three years ago but these numbers clearly indicate that the popularity and accessibility of the console is not fading yet.

The figures were calculated between a timeframe of 20th November and 1st January, to analyse h0w well Sony’s flagship machine sold over Christmas. The resulting figures mark a 9 percent increase in units sold from the previous years holiday period.

What is even more remarkable is that during that holiday period, Sony managed to sell more than 50.4 million copies of PS4 software, either digitally or through retail stores. Sales of Uncharted 4 – from earlier this year – will have contributed many copies to that figure as the game has now sold 8.7 million copies worldwide.

It is to be noted, however, that the new PS4 Pro will most likely have contributed to those sales also. Sales of the PS4 Pro comes under the umbrella of “PS4” and would have been included in the figures.

It was during a recent presentation in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, in which CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai announced the figures. Hirai also noted that PlayStationVR was also selling well but did not specify any numbers.