The latest installment in Bandai-Namco’s long-running action-RPG series, Tales of Berseria, now has a demo on Playstation 4 and Steam. The game is set to launch on January 24 in North America and three days later, January 27, in Europe.

Ahead of our review – which will be available closer to release – Rich shared his early thoughts of the title saying it “looks set to be one of the series’ best”. He praises the the new protagonist, Velvet Crowe, as a departure from the earlier “goody two-shoes” lead characters and a welcome change. Combat has also been improved, yet should still feel similar to any experienced fan, with new ‘Break Soul’ attacks allowing access to daemonic powers – adding new layers of strategy to the frantic fun.

No reason not to try out the demo then, huh? While not the longest, it provides a look at the “explosive drama and action” you should expect from the latest in the Tales series.