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‘Sundered’ Kickstarter Goal Reached Within Six Hours

Our preview of Sundered, Thunder Lotus Games’ upcoming PC/PS4 project, went up at 5pm this afternoon, the same time their Kickstarter went live. Now, at 11pm, it’s already fully funded.

The project’s goal was to reach CA$25,000 (approximately £15,800), all of which will be invested into the game’s production – the total budget of which is CA$700,000. Most of the money was raised through Jotun‘s sales and a loan from the Canadian Media Fund.

Going by Ruaraidh’s gushing preview, we’re not at all surprised that Sundered has reached its goal so fast. “It’s equally exhilarating and terrifying,” he says. “Sundered is looking to be absolutely outstanding.”

The indie development team’s first game, Jotun, was a great success last year. Its gorgeous hand-drawn animations make a return in Sundered, but gameplay has been turned up to 11 with more intense and frequent battles, and deeper gameplay.

You can continue to support Thunder Lotus Games’ Kickstarter project. There are no stretch goals listed on the page just yet, but judging by its overwhelming success, I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility.

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