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Top 10 Biggest News Stories of 2016

Not only was 2016 filled with incredible video game experiences that were really hard to narrow down into a best-of list, but the news last year was insane.

I’ve rewound time and looked at the biggest stories, narrowing down my top picks. Some will heighten the video game industry as a whole for years to come and others are just pain weird, but they’re all exciting.

Spoilers: I’m not going to lie, this is a Nintendo-heavy list because, well, you’ll see. Let’s get to it! 

10. Konami announced Metal Gear Survive

One of 2015’s biggest stories was the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami, which will lead into another story. First, we’ll tackle the Japanese company who claimed they were bowing out of the video game industry, teasing hungry gamers with a Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear Solid Pachinko machines as if to mock them, flaming the fuels of Internet rage.

Yet in a weird twist of fate, the studio is actually making a new game and it’s based off of the burned bridges of Hideo Kojima’s darling franchise: Metal Gear Survive. Set in an alternate timeline to the events of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the game is a wave-based survival game where players face off against zombie like creatures. I don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that Konami is continuing to make games, or that the game is Metal Gear. I’m hoping for good things, but also a little hesitant about the idea right now.

9. GameStop became a publisher of games

When Netflix first unveiled their plans to create their own content I, and I’m sure others, were sceptic. Their first few entries weren’t exactly lighting up with critical acclaim, but they stuck to their guns and have since created some of the most engaging programmes out there. GameStop, announcing they’re going to now publish games as well via GameTrust, might well have the same kind of impact.

Their first entry, partnering up with Insomniac Games for Song of the Deep, was a great start. If they keep at it, despite their draconic peddle-pushing to consumers, the company could make a positive impact for smaller developers. Currently they have ties with FrozenByte, Ready at Dawn, and Tequila Works for projects we will probably see sometime in 2017.

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