Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Ever since Jurassic Park graced our screens in glorious 3D CGI, dinosaurs have captured the imagination of people across all ages. Very little is cooler in this world than seeing a T-Rex rampage across our screens.

For such an interesting and captivating animal, dinosaurs haven’t appeared in many great video games. The general consensus is that dinosaurs are cool, we just haven’t had a good enough game to make them as popular as zombies or demons just quite yet. To the dinophiles amongst you however, don’t despair: we here at GameSpew have compiled a Top 10 list of our favourite dinosaur games.

10. Dino D-Day

Dinosaurs fighting alongside Allied and Axis troops in World War 2. What’s not to love?

9. The Lost World: Jurassic Park Arcade

Jurassic Park Arcade was essentially Time Crisis with dinosaurs. Whilst the first and third films have also had lightgun arcade games made after them, the Lost World‘s always felt the best.

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