The Turing Test coming to PS4 later this month

Philosophical puzzler, The Turing Test, is making its way to Playstation 4 on January 23. Originally releasing last year on PC and Xbox One, the interesting take on consciousness and weird energy-ball puzzles was well-received.

We reviewed the game on both PC and Xbox One giving it an 8/10 and 7/10, respectively. Jamie said, “It’s the sort of plot with so many layers, so many questions and so few definitive answers that it’s likely to keep you up at night wondering exactly what is going on.” While Sean praised its puzzles, “The puzzles in The Turing Test are all impressive and smartly designed. Some offer relatively simple solutions while others truly test your mental mettle,” but found some issue in how the gameplay and narrative rarely interlock – and a lacklustre conclusion.

The Turing Test is certainly one-to-watch if you are interested in head-scratching philosophical questions or tricky puzzling. Just be warned, while the more abstract narrative is incredibly well-done, the direct plot telegraphs a little too much for its own good.