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Vampires Are Coming to Sims 4

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Have you ever played The Sims and thought, “there’s just not enough bloodsucking going on here”? Me neither. But now that EA have announced that vampires are coming to Sims 4 in the next expansion, I can’t really think of anything I want to play more.

Sims 4’s next big expansion is simply entitled Vampires. It adds a new world, Forgotten Hollow, which, as one would expect with a name like “Forgotten Hollow”, is creepy as hell and is the perfect place for stereotypical vampires to hang out. It’s filled with creepy fog, brooding mansions, and more importantly, nighttime lasts longer. You know, that whole vampires-hate-sunlight business?

There’s also a whole host of new items added, most notably coffin beds (that, yes, vampires can woohoo in). New create-a-sim options are included too, so your vampy friends can look as pale and bloodsucking as they possibly can.

The Sims 4 Vampires game pack will be available from 24th January. For more information, visit EA’s official blog.

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