Okay, so you've probably noticed we don't have a review for Nioh yet. There’s a good reason for that – it’s a humongous game and I just don’t feel I’ve played enough of it yet to give you my definitive verdict. It’s coming soon though, rest assured.

Unless something drastic happens however, I’m sure that my review will be gushing. You see, all I’ve played of Nioh up to now has been an absolute pleasure.  From its visuals to its RPG elements to its exhilarating moment-to-moment gameplay, it’s hard to truly find fault with any particular aspect. It’s safe to say I’m pretty enamoured with it.

In order to give you a quick idea of what I really love about Nioh I’ve composed a list of ten reasons why it currently rocks my world. Hope you enjoy!

Samurai are cool

You know there’s no disputing it, they just are.

They have cool swords, cool armour, live by a cool code of honour. Have I emphasised that they’re cool enough yet? Tell me they’re not cool after this little fact: It was customary for Samurai to use incense to fragrance their helmets so that if they were defeated in combat and appropriately beheaded, the victor wouldn’t have to put up with a foul smell when carrying their now detached bonce as proof of their achievement. Okay, so that’s a bit gross and grim, but still cool, right?

Brilliant monster designs

Nioh’s monsters, or Yokai, are simply brilliant. You can disagree if you want, but I won’t listen to you.

Based on Japanese folklore, they’re a varied bunch but they’re consistently well-designed and full of character. I particularly like how their eastern influences shine through despite their often grotesque nature. In fact, they’re so well-designed that I often feel sorry for some of the more endearing Yokai as I slash and stab at them. It’s them or me, I tell myself though, either they die or I die. And in the end, I’d definitely rather it be them.

Epic bosses

Okay, no beating around the bush; Nioh’s bosses are truly epic.

I’m not talking about the size of them either, although many certainly are on the rather large side, but each and every one of them feels like a hard-fought battle. You’ll die, die and then die again as you test them to learn their moves and associated tells, but once you feel up for the task you’ll face them full-on, eager to show them all that you’ve got. Chances are you still might fail a few times, but once you emerge victorious you’ll be shaking with adrenaline and elated with your achievement. There’s no finer feeling than that!

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