Don’t Buy Trulon: The Shadow Engine Just Yet

I was quite enthusiastic about playing Trulon: The Shadow Engine, a classic-styled RPG that’s just released on Xbox One.

It’s been out on Steam and mobile for some time, but it’s new to consoles after releasing just last week on Xbox One. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good old-fashioned RPGs to while away the time with, so I was looking forward to giving Trulon a go.

Unfortunately, seven hours into it, the game has broken, and I can’t proceed any further.


And judging by the fact that the achievement for completing the game has been achieved by the precise sum of 0% of players, I’m guessing I’m not the only person the game has glitched for.

It’s a shame, too. While Trulon: The Shadow Engine is far from perfect, it had been fairly enjoyable up to that part. Sure, it’s janky in places – the texture clipping is some of the worst I’ve ever seen and I was frequently walking through bushes, walls and barrels – but it’s fairly charming, with a cool CCG twist on turn-based battle and a solid story that managed to keep me hooked.

Unfortunately, I encountered several crashes while playing. The game would freeze, giving me no option to quit to the Xbox dashboard and load the game up again. Thanks to a robust autosave system, I never lost any progress as a result. However, the last of these crashes, that happens just as I’m about to fight against a story boss, is unavoidable. There’s nowhere else I can go to progress the game besides to this point, and no matter how I try to approach it, the game will freeze.

It’s mightily disappointing that, after over seven hours with the game, my invested time has been for naught – especially when I was looking forward to see what else the game had in store.

I’ve reached out to the developer and publisher to see if they’re aware of the glitch and if a patch is incoming. I’ll update if I hear back – but for now, don’t buy Trulon: The Shadow Engine. Fingers crossed for a fix, because there’s a charming – if not rough-around-the-edges – adventure hidden under the bugs.