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Is This the First Leaked Image of Assassin’s Creed Empire?

Back last year, it was rumoured that the next Assassin’s Creed game would be set in Ancient Egypt, entitled Assassin’s Creed Empire. Now, a possible image of the upcoming game has surfaced on Reddit.

The image has been posted twice by reddit user ovidex, once a month ago, and again two days ago. There’s no context given to the image besides the heading “Assassin’s Creed Empire”.

While the image is fairly low quality, we can make out the Assassin’s Creed logo on the guy’s spartan-styled shield, and a very familiar-looking arm bracer that undoubtedly houses a hidden blade.

Ubisoft is no stranger to leaks – several of their games have had major leaks before official announcements, and their recent release of Watch Dogs 2 even made a mockery of this with a side mission that saw you hack the Ubisoft HQ in order to steal a trailer of an unreleased game.

This new image could be real – someone from inside Ubisoft could have leaked the image, whether as a marketing ploy or otherwise – or it could be simply a fake image that someone is hoping to cause a stir with. The image is such low quality that it’s hard to garner any real information from, and could have easily been doctored by someone with a little know-how.

Until we see more information on the origins of the image, or more evidence is released, we remain sceptical – but do feel free to make up your own mind. Do you think the leak is real? Is this the first sign of Assassin’s Creed Empire or just a wind-up?

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