Free Game Friday: You Have 10 Seconds

Not only is Friday a day to celebrate the oncoming weekend, get a takeaway and go out for a couple of bevvies with your friends and family, for us here at GameSpew it’s time for #FreeGameFriday. That’s right Spewers; it’s the best day of the week.

For today’s Free Game Friday we’re taking a look at You Have 10 Seconds, a fast-paced platformer with much more to it then what meets the eye. The catch with each level is – you guessed it – you only have 10 seconds to complete it. You also only have a certain amount of lives so it can get a bit tricky.

In You Have 10 Seconds you play as a small, anthropomorphic box, with the goal of reaching to the flashing platform at the end of each level. This can get a bit tricky because there’s much to it then just jumping on platforms. There are spikes to avoid, teleporters to take, extra lives that you can collect, all the while trying to make it to the end in 10 seconds or less.

You Have 10 Seconds features around 30 levels that simply get crazier and crazier as you move ahead. You may have to avoid spikes while also getting pushed around by moving platforms that are trying to drop you into a teleporter which will cause you to be impaled by spikes. It gets complicated, it gets insane – and it gets really, really fun.

The problem is, if you fail a level you need to start over from the beginning. It can get a bit frustrating when you’ve made good progress, but the game goes by so quickly that it never really bothered me. You Have 10 Seconds is incredibly addicting, and I promise, even if you only intend to pick it up for 10 minutes, you’ll end up staying for much longer.

That’s it for the week’s Free Game Friday, guys and gals. You Have 10 Seconds is a really cute and fun free game available on Steam. If you decide to give it a shot let us know how you get on in the comments below or on Twitter using #FreeGameFriday; we love hearing from you! Here’s to a really great weekend everyone and see you next week!

Download You Have 10 Seconds for free by clicking here