Good Luck Trying to Play Fire Emblem Heroes Today

Fire Emblem Heroes has released on Android and iOS this morning – but whether you can actually get to play the game is another matter.

While I was able to download and start up the application without any issue, the moment I tried to start a new game, I was met with a “communications error” message. Although presented with a ‘retry’ option, the message wasn’t going anywhere.

I managed to close the app altogether and reload with some minor success – I was able to at least start a game, but within five minutes, the game threw me out, presenting me once again with the same “communications error” message.

I can only imagine the error is a result of the game’s popularity – the servers aren’t currently able to handle the amount of people trying to load the game. For reference, I was playing the Android version of the game.

The little I was able to see, however, looked promising. The opening video sequence is beautiful, with high quality visuals that continued into gameplay. The most I actually got to play was two battle sequences, which seemed like a fairly straightforward strategy system – you and the enemy take turns to move, sliding your finger across the touchscreen to the square you wish to move from. It’s fairly simple – if you have a power-up move available, your character will automatically use it on their next turn, and besides a bit of forward thinking on where to move to, it seems like there isn’t much room for skill.

Still, had I been able to play more of Fire Emblem Heroes I’d have a better idea. Perhaps you’ll have better luck than me, though. By all means, go ahead and download the game today, but don’t be surprised if you get thrown out at any time.

Oh, and the menu song is rather addictive. Prepare for it to get stuck in your head. Fiii-iiiire embleeeem….

Fire Emblem Heroes is the franchise’s first release outside of Nintendo systems, following on from the success of Super Mario Run in December. Unlike Super Mario Run, it’s free to play, but missions cost “orbs” which can be earned in-game or bought with real money. It requires a constant internet connection to play, so beware when you’re out and about – this baby will drain your mobile data!

Are you having issues playing Fire Emblem Heroes too? Let us know by commenting below.