For Honor’s Season Pass Revealed; Styled Around Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft have revealed details on For Honor‘s post-launch content and season pass. Much like Rainbow Six: Siege, post-launch will be divided into ‘seasons’, each giving players new maps, characters and equipment.

The season pass – which can be bought separately or is included with the ‘Gold Edition’ of the game – comes with various goodies, all available on day one, as well as seven days early access to six new heroes. It also includes exclusive elite outfits – which will be introduced later down the line. Other bonuses include three unique emblems, three ‘Scavenger Crates’ for extra loot, a ‘Sunbeam’ effect on all emotes and 30 days of ‘Champion Status’ which gives extra loot and XP from matches and crafting to both you and friends.

Each season, two new heroes will be unlocked for season pass holders and, a week later, will unlock publicly to all. Non-season pass players also have to save up in-game ‘Steel’ to unlock and play any new heroes. New maps and features, including ranked play and competitions, will unlock to all For Honor players entirely free.

If you still aren’t convinced on Ubisoft’s latest, an open beta begins next week ahead of the title’s launch on February 14.