Japan Gets Four New Nintendo Switch TV Adverts

While Nintendo haven’t told us everything we’d like to know about Nintendo Switch, they’re happy to shower us with infinite TV advertisements and trailers for the new console that’s landing next month.

The US got a fair new few ads during the Superbowl, and now Japan has four new commercials, showing off various facets of the Switch and its games.

First is this entertaining ad for 1-2-Switch, showing people having fun with the game during some kind of trade show.


Next up is this fairly generic advert – like the majority of others – showing attractive 20-somethings playing the Switch with their friends in a variety of settings. As cool as you make it look, Nintendo, I’m fairly sure nobody in their right mind is going to gather their friends around a 6-inch screen at a party. At least hook it up to a TV, for pete’s sake.


The third ad shows a group of adult men playing Splatoon 2 in multiplayer. It looks good fun – but everyone needs their own console to be able to join in.


The final ad shows us Zelda: Breath of the Wild being played both in handheld and console mode. It apparently really is that seamless – and Breath of the Wild apparently really does look that gorgeous. Hype?