Murder Scene Cleanup Game ‘Serial Cleaner’ Coming to Xbox One and PS4

When you’re busy murdering people left, right and centre in video games, you don’t often stop to think about the people left to clean up the mess. iFun4All’s Serial Cleaner attempts to change all that.

Rather than being the one doing the murder, Serial Cleaner puts you in the shoes of the one left mopping up the bloodstains. Set against a 1970’s backdrop, it’s your job to dispose of the bodies, hide the murder weapons and throw the police off the track of the murderer. Serial Cleaner lets you use your environments in creative ways, tackling each clean-up operation as a puzzle to be as effective as possible.

Serial Cleaner has been available on Steam via the Early Access programme since August 2016, but now publisher iFun4All and publisher Curve Digital have announced the game will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One this summer. Serial Cleaner will also launch outside of Early Access at the same time.

No set date has been given for the console release, but more news will be coming soon. For those interested in seeing the game sooner, there’s always the Early Access release, and Curve Digital will be showing off the game at PAX East and EGX Rezzed.

For more information, visit Serial Cleaner‘s official website. You can see the console launch trailer below: