New Point and Click Adventure Game ‘The Wardrobe’ Now 15% Off on Steam

Developer C.I.N.I.C has officially released their new point-and-click adventure game The Wardrobe, inspired by classic point-and-clicks such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.

The Wardrobe is available for purchase on Steam and Humble Store for £12.99/$14.99. The game is 15% off until February 22nd to celebrate its launch, making it £11.07/$12.74.

The Wardrobe tells the story of good friends Ronald and Skinny who decide to go out for a nice picnic. Ronald, being the great friend that he is, offers Skinny a delicious plum  – not realising that Skinny is allergic. When Skinny begins to go into anaphylactic shock, Ronald runs away, terrified. Five years later Skinny has become a skeleton and is cursed to live in Ronald’s room for the rest of his days.



The Wardrobe features more than 40 hand-illustrated locations and a ton of clever puzzles and pop culture references. If you’re a fan of a classic point and click title – especially one with a bit of a morbid sense of humour – The Wardrobe is certainly worth checking out.