Some Nintendo Switch Games Won’t Support TV Mode

The Switch comes out on Friday – that’s four days away – and still, we don’t know everything about this mysterious little beauty.

Kotaku have just reported an interesting tidbit of information: not all Switch games will work in TV mode. Yeah, you read that right: some games will only work when you’re using the Switch as a tablet. What?

Voez, a Japanese rhythm game that’s currently available on iPad, is a launch title for Switch in Japan. Being a rhythm game that’s come from an Apple device, it naturally uses touch screen controls. Therefore, you can only play it when your Switch isn’t docked.


It raises a lot of questions. How many other games will come to Switch that only let you play in handheld mode? Will there be games on the opposite end of the spectrum that only play in TV mode? Does this mean there’ll be a deluge of mobile touchscreen shovelware hitting the Switch store?

It’s a surprising discovery, but considering the Switch’s architecture is little more than a standard tablet, perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising. I suppose we’ll find out more once we finally get the darned thing in our hands.