Nioh Developers Talk Upcoming Free Updates and DLC

Nioh has been out for a few weeks now and, hopefully, you’ve all made it past the first boss. If you haven’t even thought of picking the game up – you really, really should. But for the rest of us poor souls who have completed the game, when can we expect some more content?

The good news is Team Ninja has more content coming very soon. The better news? Some of it is completely free-of-charge. We knew Nioh was going to getting at least some free content post-release and, thanks to a livestream last night, we now know the two updates will be arriving in late-March and late-April.

The first of the two free updates includes even more high-difficulty missions for players to sink their teeth into – and probably get their teeth kicked-in. These will supposedly include over ten types of missions, including one that will evoke the feeling of a ‘Boss Rush’ – like I said, teeth kicking. Finally, in April, players can expect a PvP mode to be implemented – although details are still light on what exactly this entails.


Later down the line, Nioh fans can also look forward to three pieces of DLC. The first of which, ‘Dragon of Tohoku‘, is also set to launch in late-April and will include everything from new weapons, equipment and yokai to new enemies, stages and scenarios. Two later expansions, ‘Japan’s Best Warrior‘ and ‘Peaceful and Tranquil‘, are set to launch later on in the year.