Pokémon GO Gets its Biggest Update Yet

Pokémon Go

If you, like millions of other people, packed in playing Pokémon GO back at the end of summer, it might be worth revisiting soon: it’s getting its biggest update yet, with over 80 new Pokémon being added and a whole host of new features.

Niantic Labs have today announced that the updates will start going live “later this week”. Here’s a summary of the changes that we can expect:

  • Over 80 new Pokémon will be added, originally featured in Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  • Pokémon with variations specific to their genders will start appearing.
  • New evolutions will be added – Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region will be able to evolved into Pokémon usually found in Johto.
  • PokéStops will stock new evolution items.
  • Encountering Pokémon will have new gameplay elements, as well as a new item carousel to make it easier to select Poké Balls and berries.
  • New types of berries will be available to aid your Pokémon hunting: Nanab Berries will slow a monster’s movement, and Pinap Berries will double the amount of candy you receive if you get a successful catch.
  • Your avatar will have new appearance and wardrobe options.

Watch the trailer below, or check out the official announcement from Niantic for more information about the Pokémon GO update.