Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage Vol. 2 is Well Worth Its Price

I’ve never been one that enjoys a game of blackjack, but when lives are the line I’m also not one to say no.

When Resident Evil 7 released on 24th January people were incredibly excited to play the next game in this beloved series. Along with a purchase of the main game there was also a DLC available for purchase called “Banned Footage”. Banned Footage Volume 1 came out a few weeks back, with Volume 2 following last week on 14th February. Players weren’t sure what to expect from the Volume 1 but it was definitely received positively and led to much excitement for Volume 2.

Banned Footage Volume 2 includes three new game modes for players to enjoy, as did Volume 1, and they’re all very different from one another. ’21’ was the first mode that I decided to give a try and was pleasantly surprised by what was in store. In 21 you play as Clancy Jarvis, cameraman for the show Sewer Gators featured in the main game, as he is put through a game of blackjack where the Baker’s crazy son Lucas is the card dealer. The catch – because of course there’s a catch – is that if you lose a round against the mysterious opponent across the table from you, you lose a finger. Stakes are high: if you lose all five of your fingers, it’s game over (and, well, you’ll have no fingers left). Or that’s what you’re led to believe. The further you get into the game, the more you realise that there’s probably no escape and no way to really win the game. Is it even really winnable? That’s up to you to find out.


The second playable mode, my favourite in this DLC, is ‘Jack’s 55th Birthday’. In this mode you’re celebrating Jack Baker’s birthday and he is starving. It’s your job to run around the house picking up food and feeding it to Jack as quickly as possible. You have to be careful though: you only have a certain about of guns, ammo, and health to defend yourself and there’s monsters all over trying to thwart Jack’s dinner! The further that you get, the more levels and weapons you unlock. Jack’s 55th Birthday is a hilarious additional mode that will have players laughing their heads off… hopefully not literally.

The final part of the DLC is titled “Daughters”. It tells the story of what happened to the Baker family immediately before they discovered Mia and Evie and were suddenly infected by the horrible virus. The sweet and unsuspecting family has no idea what is about to happen and you, as the Baker’s daughter Zoe, get to play through the events leading up to when Ethan arrives at the house.

If you already own the season pass for Resident Evil 7 you can download Banned Footage Volume 2 now and play through all three of these modes at no extra cost. If you prefer to simply buy the second volume on its own, it will set you back £11.99/$14.99. For three additional modes, two of which are playable multiple times, Banned Footage Volume 2 is definitely worth its price to keep us entertained until the next DLC “Not a Hero” comes out later this spring.