Rocket League Gets 4K/60FPS Update for PS4 Pro

Rocket League 1-min

The latest game to get native PS4 Pro support is Rocket League, one of the console’s most popular multiplayer titles.

Developers Psyonix, along with the help of dev team Panic Button, will be rolling out a patch on 21st February along with the Hot Wheels update to improve performance on both standard PS4s and PS4 Pros.

The PS4 Pro patch will allow Rocket League to run at 4K and 60 frames per second in all arenas in single player and two-player splitscreen modes. They can’t promise 60fps in all three- and four-player splitscreen modes, but do say it will be supported in most arenas.


Standard PS4 owners will reap some benefits too, as once the patch goes live, Rocket League will run at a constant 1080p.

The incoming update will also include a variety of other technical improvements to make the game run as best as it can on PS4, along with some performance optimisations and various bug fixes.


Psyonix also says that this will be the “first of many updates in 2017”, so fans of Rocket League should keep their eyes peeled throughout the year for more improvements and more content.

So, Sony, that’s Rocket League ticked off the PS4 Pro list. Now, what about Bloodborne…?